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on July 02, 2023

How to Get Rid of Your Used Office Furniture (the Right Way!)

Office furniture usually has a pretty long half-life, supporting businesses and their employees for years and even decades. But even the sturdiest of desks and rolly-est of chairs meet their end at some point, meaning it’s time to trade‘em in for a newer model.

But before you haul your old office furniture out to the curb (or to the dump), you might want to consider some better, more eco-friendly options.

In this guide, we’re covering how to get rid of old office furniture the eco way through reuse and recycling!

What is office furniture recycling?

As the term implies, office furniture recycling involves recycling old, broken, or outdated office furniture instead of disposing of it at a landfill or dump. Recycling traditionally has been a more ecologically friendly alternative to furniture disposal, as it protects the environment and our communities.

Is office furniture really recyclable?

Yes! A lot of office furniture can be recycled. In fact, many of the components used in office furniture (such as metal frames and wood panels) can be recycled and reused in new products.

Here are some common office furniture items that can be recycled:

  • Metal furnitureMetal desks, chairs, cabinets, and shelves are highly recyclable. The metal components can be melted down and used to create new products.
  • Plastic furniture – Plastic chairs, tables, and storage bins can also be recycled. The plastic materials in these items can be sorted, cleaned, and turned into pellets, which can then be used in new products.
  • Wood furniture – Wooden desks, tables, conference tables, bookcases, and shelves can be recycled as well. The wood can be reclaimed and used to create new furniture and other products.
  • Upholstered furniture – Upholstered or fabric office furniture items such as office chairs and sofas contain a variety of useful materials. The fabric, foam, metal, and plastic can often be used to manufacture new products.

Reasons to recycle old office furniture

Whether you’re simply upgrading your office aesthetic or really need to get rid of old or broken furniture, you can’t ignore the benefits of recycling.

Recycling old office furniture is a great way to reduce waste, promote sustainability, and even save money for your company!

Environmental benefits

Recycling your old office furniture helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. When you recycle materials like metal, plastic, and wood, you help conserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption. And, this helps minimize the pollution that comes with extracting and producing new materials.


Recycling old office furniture promotes a cycle in which materials are reused or repurposed instead of thrown in the garbage. This reduces the demand for new raw materials and minimizes the often hazardous impact of manufacturing.

Cost savings

Recycling office furniture can actually be more cost effective than purchasing new furniture. You can reuse or refurbish your existing furniture, giving your office an update without blowing your budget. Even better, some recycling programs even offer financial incentives or rebates for recycling your old office furniture, further reducing your costs.

Optimize your space

Recycling your old office furniture allows you to rid your office of bulky, outdated items that are taking up unnecessary space in your office. With better space management, you can promote a more efficient (and, even, ergonomic) workplace for yourself and your team. 

Support your local economy

If you choose to recycle your old office furniture, you’ll likely drop your items off at your local recycling facility or waste management company. This helps provide more local jobs and continues the growth of the recycling industry in your community. 

Donate to your community

You can also donate usable office furniture to local nonprofit organizations, schools, community centers, churches, and the like, which can have a positive impact on your community. You’re able to provide low-cost/free resources to those in need, which helps everybody!

How to recycle your old office furniture

Now that you’ve decided to recycle your old office furniture, it’s time to find a recycling facility near you and initiate the process.

Here are the steps for recycling your office furniture: 

  1. Identify what items you need to get rid of. This will help you determine what facility you need to go to (e.g. some facilities accept certain materials/items and not others).
  2. Research reputable recycling facilities or waste management companies. These organizations have the expertise to handle the disassembly, sorting, and recycling processes effectively.
  3. Check with the facility to see what items they accept. It's worth noting that the recyclability of office furniture may vary depending on the specific materials used and local recycling capabilities. It is advisable to check with recycling facilities or waste management authorities in your area to determine the best practices for recycling office furniture.
  4. If not using a recycling facility, identify non-profit organizations. Donating or selling office furniture in good condition to other organizations or individuals can help extend their lifespan and reduce the need for recycling.
  5. Decide on your drop-off or pick-up option. Based on your chosen facility, you may decide to drop off the items yourself or schedule a pick-up. For example, some services like Angel’s Junk Removal will come pick up the items for you. 

Office furniture recycling in Seattle

At Living Green Technologies, we’re all about finding more eco-friendly and cost-effective ways for residents and businesses to dispose of their old furniture, electronics, and more. If you’re near the Seattle area, we’d love to connect with you and provide more information about our recycling services!

Got old office furniture? Schedule a pickup with us by calling 253.204.4438. Or, check out our website to find a convenient dropbox location near you.

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